Completion may refer to:

  • Completeness
  • Completion (American football)
  • Completion (oil and gas wells)
  • one stage of Conveyancing, transfer of the title of property from one person to another

In mathematics:

  • Completion (metric space)
  • Completion (order theory)
  • Completion (ring theory)

In computer science:

  • Autocomplete
  • Knuth–Bendix completion algorithm

Other articles related to "completion":

Sale And Purchase Of Ship - Completion
... The final stage of sale and purchase is known as completion stage ... It involves pre-delivery matter including inspection of underwater parts by the classification society, delivery of documents and the physical delivery of the ship upon payment of the balance of the contract price.also this under water inspections can be done at the buyers request in which case if it is not required by the Classification Society's surveyor the due charges will be on buyers account ...
Stožice Sports Park - Project - Construction
... At first the sports complex was scheduled for completion around June 2010, but after short delays of the project it was not until August 2010 that both the stadium ... Before completion the project caused a lot of controversy as lack of money became a huge problem for the contractors and its smaller subcontractors, one of which even committed suicide and some others declared bankruptcy ... below the ground of the park is currently under construction and is scheduled for completion in 2011 ...
Sentence Completion Tests - Data Analysis, Validity and Reliability
... The data collected from sentence completion tests can usually be analyzed either quantitatively or qualitatively ... Usually, sentence completion tests can be interpreted in two different ways subjective-intuitive analysis of the underlying motivations projected in the ... reveal underlying motivations about each topic during data analysis.Of course, most sentence completion tests are much longer-anywhere from 40 to 100 stems-and contain more ...
Completion (American Football)
... A completion is a term used in American football when a receiver successfully catches a pass ... The three possible outcomes of a pass thrown are completion, incompletion, and interception ... Statistically, a completed pass is recorded as a pass completion for the player who throws the ball, and as a reception for the player catching the ball ...