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He is the least martially capable of the Heroes of Icewind Dale (a forgivable fact when one considers that the others are Drizzt himself, the mighty barbarian Wulfgar, the dwarven king Bruenor Battlehammer, and a gifted archer named Catti-Brie). He mainly plays his part by using a magical ruby pendant to influence the minds of others. He does carry a small mace, however, and has used it on occasion, usually to speed things along when his friends are slowed by enemies.

He obtained the pendant by stealing it from Pasha Pook, head of the thieves' guild in Calimshan. Regis had once been one of the finest thieves in the guild, until he set his eyes on the forbidden fruit that was the Pasha's powerful pendant. After stealing it, he fled north to the farthest reaches of Faerûn, beyond the Spine of the World mountains to Icewind Dale, where he befriended Drizzt and Bruenor.

Regis made a good living in the harsh Ten-Towns region, carving scrimshaw out of the bones of knucklehead trout, before joining Bruenor in his quest to reclaim Mithril Hall.

Regis was born in or near Calimport far to the south. His earliest recollections are of a childhood spent on the streets, begging and stealing. Eventually Regis caught the eye of Pasha Pook, master of the most powerful of the city's many thieves' guilds. Regis did not disappoint his new master, but he became greedy. The Guildmaster Pasha Pook held a prized collection of 12 identical rubies and would put them on display, however one of them was magical and could ensnare the minds of any looking into save for those of impressive willpower. Regis unknowingly stole the only magical ruby of the set, possibly influenced by its own magical power though more likely his naturally 'sticky fingers'. At first surprised at how irrate the Pasha became from this theft, he had 11 others after all, Regis fled and did not discover the gems magical property until several years later when Drizzt realized what it was and taught Regis how to use it. Pook proved more determined than Regis anticipated though, and wherever he went, Pook's men soon followed.

Regis' flight finally brought him to the frigid climes of Icewind Dale, where he believed not even Pook's hired thugs could find him. There he befriended Bruenor Battlehammer and Drizzt Do'Urden, often reluctantly joining them in one adventure after another. After a time, the assassin Artemis Entreri tracked Regis down. During the trek through the, then duergar controlled, Mithral Hall Artemis stole him back to Calimport. Regis' friends tracked the assassin back to the streets of the Calimshan Kingdoms principal city, rescued their halfling friend, and killed Pasha Pook. Drizzt defeated Artemis Entreri in the sewers beneath the guildhouse seemingly ending the threat from the skilled assassin, leaving him crippled and broken. Regis remained in Calimport for a time, but he was eventually driven out and back to his friends by Entreri.

In "the Legacy", Entreri has once again tracked down Regis, and, using the magical mask taken from Agatha's lair, taken on the appearance of Regis. He impersonates the halfing after capturing him and betrayes the rest of the Companions of the Hall into the endless tunnels of Menzoberranzan, before being defeated by Drizzt in combat. Regis is discovered alive, but tortured, and has a final revenge on Entreri.

Regis has since settled into his life of adventure by his friends' sides and become a chief advisor to King Bruenor Battlehammer.

In the book "The Lone Drow", while Bruenor Battlehammer is on his deathbed, Regis becomes the steward of Mithril Hall, and eventually finds a way to save Bruenor's life.

In his past adventures with his friends, he has kept himself to the back. But, in more recent adventures, he has become more daring and braver, even helping plan the defenses of Mithril Hall when the drow invaded in the "Legacy of the Drow" book series.

Regis tries to save Cattie-brie with his magical pendant in The Ghost King, but ends up in the same condition as Cattie-Brie. He, like Cattie-Brie, dies and is sent to Mielikki's private heaven.

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