Command Post

  • (noun): Military headquarters from which a military commander controls and organizes the forces.
    Synonyms: general headquarters, GHQ

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Operation Mole Cricket 19 - Battle
... The IAF command post in Tel Aviv provided Ivry a real-time command picture of the air battle through various data links ... radar down-linked their pictures to the command post ... between Ivry and his pilots was set up, allowing for real-time command ...
Maddox (Planet Of The Apes) - Governor Breck
... Breck decides to assign Caesar to his command post, as a messenger ... Angry and mournful, Caesar begins to set up an ape revolt, using his job at the command post to stay one step ahead of Breck, and his attempts to control the apes ... table, Caesar is jolted with higher and higher amounts of electricity, while Breck commands him again and again, "Talk!" In agony, Caesar gasps "Have ...
Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron - Gameplay
... take place on the ground and in space and require the player to capture command posts, specific areas of territory represented by floating icons on the playing field ... Each map has a set number of command posts, and it is beneficial for the player to occupy as many as possible (space battles use a modified command ... win a match, a player must capture every command post or reduce their opponent's ticket count to zero ...
George H. Cannon
... He remained at his Command Post despite being mortally wounded by enemy shell fire ... by the same shell were evacuated, and he continued to direct the reorganization of his Command Post until forcibly removed ... until he was assured communications were restored to his Command Post ...
12th Chief Directorate - SSK Headquarters and Laboratories
... v/ch 63679 Moscow, Matrosskaya Tishina street, 10 / Sergiev Posad p.Sharapovo – Command Post /Reserved Command Post SSK – detached from the main ... Composition 844th Command Post if the 170th Operational-Coordination Center SSK, Reserve Command Post SSK, 1056th Main and Reserved Signal Office Centres SSK. 41097 P-K p.Rodygino – Kamchatka SSK Laboratory + remote seismic post “Nachiki” in p.Tundrovyi v/ch pp 42626 Sukhumi p.Nijniaya Eshera + p.Kheivani – 24th Abkhazian SSK Laboratory (created in 2000 as v/ch 96211 ...

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