Combined Sewer

A combined sewer is a type of sewer system that collects sanitary sewage and stormwater runoff in a single pipe system. Combined sewers can cause serious water pollution problems due to combined sewer overflows, which are caused by large variations in flow between dry and wet weather. This type of sewer design is no longer used in building new communities, but many older cities continue to operate combined sewers.

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Water Supply And Sanitation In The United States - Issues - Pollution
... Sewer overflows ... Combined sewer overflows (CSO) and sanitary sewer overflows affect the quality of water resources in many parts of the U.S ... About 772 communities have combined sewer systems, serving about 40 million people, mostly in the Northeast, the Great Lakes Region and the Pacific Northwest ...
Fecal Bacteria As Indicator of Water Quality - Potential Sources of Fecal Coliform Bacteria in Water - Human Sewage
... particularly in the Northeast and Midwest of the United States, use a combined sewer system to handle waste ... A combined sewer carries both domestic sewage and stormwater ... During high rainfall periods, a combined sewer can become overloaded and overflow to a nearby stream or river, bypassing treatment ...
West Side CSO Tunnel
... The West Side Combined Sewer Overflow Tunnel (also West Side Big Pipe) is a tunnel in Portland, Oregon, United States ... to receive and store overflow from the combined sewer system before it can reach the Willamette River ... long for a capacity of 2,850,000 cubic feet (81,000 m3) and connects to dozens of smaller sewer overflow interceptors along the west side of the Willamette River ...
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... A well-known urban legend, the sewer alligator, is that of giant alligators or crocodiles residing in combined sewers, especially of major ... Alligators have been known to get into combined storm sewers in the southeastern United States ... Closed-circuit television by a sewer repair company captured an alligator in a combined storm sewer on tape ...

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