Combined Fleet

The Combined Fleet was formally created on 18 July 1894 by the merger of the Standing Fleet and the Western Fleet. The Standing Fleet (also known as the Readiness Fleet) contained the navy's most modern and combat-capable warships. The Western Fleet was a reserve force consisting primarily of obsolete ships deemed unsuitable for front-line combat operations, but still suitable for commerce protection and coastal defense. Vice-admiral Itoh Sukeyuki was appointed the first Commander-in-Chief of the Combined Fleet. for the duration of the first Sino-Japanese war against China.

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... had a narrow escape when he came across a large fleet off northern Spain, which challenged the Naiad using British codes ... This was in fact the combined fleet under Pierre-Charles Villeneuve, heading for Ferrol ... Calder's force was then sent on to join the ships blockading the combined fleet in Cadiz under Vice-Admiral Cuthbert Collingwood, and Dundas used his time here to harass ...
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... The Japanese warships, mainly light cruisers and destroyers from the Eighth Fleet under the command of Vice Admiral Gunichi Mikawa, were usually able to ... Japanese Combined Fleet naval leaders, headquartered at Truk and under the overall command of Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, felt Allied advances in New Guinea posed a ... Therefore, Combined Fleet naval staff officers began to prepare plans for abandoning Guadalcanal and shifting priorities and resources to operations around New Guinea ...
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