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Spot Color - Classification
... Spot color classification has led to thousands of discrete colors being given unique names or numbers ... standards in the classification of spot color systems, such as Pantone, the dominant spot color printing system in the United States and Europe ... Toyo, a common spot color system in Japan ...
Two-color System
... The two-color system of projection is a name given to a variety of methods of projecting a full-color image using (only) two different single-color projectors ... James Clerk Maxwell first suggested he had discovered such a projection system, but it was not reproduced until the 1950s, when Edwin Land accidentally noticed a similar effect while working ... Despite Land's later work on the subject, the physics behind the success of this system of projection (and similar methods of apparent full-color projection ...
Color Motion Picture Film - Physics of Light and Color - Subtractive Color
... The first successful subtractive color system began with Kodak's Kodachrome system ... By bleaching away the silver and replacing it with color dye, a color image was obtained ... did not find much use in the commercial market, and the first truly successful subtractive color process was William van Doren Kelley's Prizma, an early color process that was first introduced at ...
Color Television - Development - Fully Electronic - Second NTSC
... The possibility of a compatible color broadcast system was so compelling that the NTSC decided to re-form, and held a second series of meetings starting in January 1950 ... Having only recently selected the CBS system, the FCC heavily opposed the NTSC's efforts ... went so far as to assert that the engineers testifying in favor of a compatible system were "in a conspiracy against the public interest" ...

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