Colon may refer to:

  • Colon (anatomy), the final section of the digestive system
  • Colon (punctuation), the punctuation mark :
  • Colon (rhetoric), a clause which is grammatically, but not logically, complete
  • Colon classification, a library classification system named for the use of the punctuation mark
  • Colon, Michigan, village located within Colon Township
  • Colon, Nebraska, village in Saunders County

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Colon (anatomy) - Anatomy - By Segment - Sigmoid Colon
... The sigmoid colon is the part of the large intestine after the descending colon and before the rectum ... The walls of the sigmoid colon are muscular, and contract to increase the pressure inside the colon, causing the stool to move into the rectum ... The sigmoid colon is supplied with blood from several branches (usually between 2 and 6) of the sigmoid arteries, a branch of the IMA ...
Colon (anatomy)
... The colon is the last part of the digestive system in most vertebrates ... Unlike the small intestine, the colon does not play a major role in absorption of foods and nutrients ... However, the colon does absorb water, sodium and some fat soluble vitamins ...
Colon (anatomy) - Anatomy - By Segment - Redundant Colon
... One variation on the normal anatomy of the colon occurs when extra loops form, resulting in a longer than normal organ ... This condition, referred to as redundant colon, typically has no direct major health consequences, though rarely volvulus occurs resulting in obstruction and requiring immediate medical attention ... colonoscope is difficult and in some cases impossible when a redundant colon is present, though specialized variants on the instrument (including the pediatric variant) are ...
Colón, Buenos Aires
... The town is located in an agricultural area, the main areas of employment are in agriculture, the production of agricultural machinery and textiles ... The museum is located in the old Ferrocarril General Bartolomé Mitre railway station and has a display of old photographs and artefacts. ...
Colon (anatomy) - Anatomy - Right and Left Colon
... Right colon consists of the cecum, ascending colon, hepatic flexure, and transverse colon ... Left colon consists of the splenic flexure, descending colon, sigmoid colon, recto-sigmoid junction, and rectum ...