Collapse may refer to:

  • Collapse, the action a collapsible or telescoping object does
  • Collapse (medical)
  • Collapse (sports)
  • Collapse (structural)
    • Cave-in is a kind of structural collapse
    • Collapse of the World Trade Center, a 2001 event
  • Collapse (topology), a mathematical concept
  • Wave function collapse, in physics
  • Societal collapse
    • Dissolution of the Soviet Union, the collapse of Soviet federalism

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... In 1996 he pled guilty to misdemeanor charges and paid a $375,000 fine and would regain control of many of his banks via the Valley View Financial Group ... He was resident for life at Kehilath Israel Synagogue in Overland Park and was active with Jewish philanthropies. ...
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... off the rise of a military dictatorship after the collapse of the economy and government ... after a massive plague and political fracture result in a complete collapse of society ... as one of the causes behind the collapse ...
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... describing what they thought caused the towers to collapse ... He also explained that, once the initial structural failure occurred, progressive collapse of the entire structure was inevitable ... results of a simple analysis of the World Trade Center collapse ...
Stairwell A - Mechanics of Twin Towers' Collapse - Total Progressive Collapse
... The collapse of the World Trade Center has been called "the most infamous paradigm" of progressive collapse ... Once the collapse initiated, the mass of failing floors overwhelmed the floors below, causing a progressive series of floor failures which accelerated as the sequence progressed ...

Famous quotes containing the word collapse:

    The Roman world is in collapse but we do not bend our neck.
    Jerome (c. 340–420)

    Newspapers are unable, seemingly, to discriminate between a bicycle accident and the collapse of civilisation.
    George Bernard Shaw (1856–1950)

    The world was a huge ball then, the universe a might harmony of ellipses, everything moved mysteriously, incalculable distances through the ether.
    We used to feel the awe of the distant stars upon us. All that led to was the eighty-eight naval guns, ersatz, and the night air-raids over cities. A magnificent spectacle.
    After the collapse of the socialist dream, I came to America.
    John Dos Passos (1896–1970)