Cohomology Theory

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Michael Atiyah - Mathematical Work - K Theory (1959–1974)
... Atiyah's works on K-theory, including his book on K-theory are reprinted in volume 2 of his collected works ... K-theory is a tool for working with higher dimensional analogues of this example, or in other words for describing higher dimensional twistings elements of ... Topological K-theory was discovered by Atiyah and Friedrich Hirzebruch who were inspired by Grothendieck's proof of the Grothendieck–Riemann–Roch theorem and ...
Elliptic Cohomology - Definitions and Constructions
... Call a cohomology theory even periodic if for i odd and there is an invertible element ... A cohomology theory A with is called elliptic if it is even periodic and its formal group law is isomorphic to a formal group law of an elliptic curve E over R ... The usual construction of such elliptic cohomology theories uses the Landweber exact functor theorem ...

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