Cobra Commander

Cobra Commander is a fictional character from the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero toyline, animated series (including the 1985 and 1989 incarnations, the Sigma 6 and Renegades series), comic books, video games, and movies. He is the supreme leader of the terrorist organization Cobra, and is the principal antagonist and archenemy of the Joes. The character was created by Marvel Comics writer Larry Hama.

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Cobra Commander - In Popular Culture
... Cobra Commander is occasionally parodied in Robot Chicken voiced by Seth Green ... artist Venetian Snares features a track called Cobra Commander which features heavily distorted samples from G.I ... Comedian Hal Sparks dressed as Cobra Commander on the VH1 special I Love Toys in a segment called "Cobra Commander's Day Off" ...
List Of Fictional Child Prodigies - In Comics - Action Force's Cobra College
... Ironblood constructed a new identity for himself, becoming Cobra Commander and creating Cobra ... Snakes, which started publication in Battle Action Force issue 71, revealed that Cobra would forcibly seize any child whose IQ was over 130 ... monastery on the Swiss-Italian border which was known as Cobra College ...
List Of Twisted Toy Fare Theatre Stories - Issues 1 -
... "The Cold War" 65 1x65 Looks like Spidey's got a Cobra infestation—get the Raid! "Urine Luck" 66 1x66 The Thing is kicked out of the Fantastic Four ... "Cobra Commander Beyond Terrordrome" 74 1x74 Cobra Commander can't sleep, so he wanders around his house ... Of course, his house is Cobra HQ ...
Crimson Guard - Comic Books
... comic series, the Crimson Guard are the most elite soldiers of Cobra's Viper legions, under the direct command of Tomax and Xamot, but completely loyal to Cobra ... Building the Crimson Guard network was believed to be the first thing Cobra Commander did after founding Cobra ... wasted on the battlefield like the more common Vipers and Cobra Troopers ...
List Of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero Episodes - DIC Series (1989–1992) - Season 2 (1991)
26 "Chunnel" Tony Zalewski September 24, 1991 Cobra Commander kidnaps the Queen of England, can Duke save her in time? 27 "The Sword" Ted Pedersen and Steve Hayes September 25, 1991 Snake Eyes and Storm ... Roll and Snake Eyes race to save the city against Cobra's sonic attacks 32 "The Sludge Factor, Part I" Paul Harnage October 7, 1991 Cobra attacks a chemical plant ... Joe and Cobra at his mercy 34 "Messenger from the Deep" Marv Wolfman and Noel Watkins October 14, 1991 G.I ...

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