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Zinc oxide pigments have a mix of white pigments and individual crystals that appear to be colorless and because of their particle size, its ability to accept an acid in a mixture, and compatibility with countless natural and unnatural systems; it is used in many industries and processes. Since zinc is used in many paint films, acids depend on the zinc oxide to avoid extra catalyzed degradation of the binder. When zinc oxide is mixed with a cobalt oxide, the compound creates an intense green color and can further be used as medium-temperature pigments. The formation chemistry, which is based on the mutual suppression of the crystal lattices, and the low content of cobalt, helps this compound gain interest. The purpose of this compound is to try and prepare an innovative cost-effectively friendly green-colored inorganic pigment. Unfortunately, the pigment was never an artist’s favorite, since it created relatively weak colors.

Color is an important characteristic of many ceramic products. Pigments with cobalt-based ceramics are generally used for colored glazes in the ceramic industries for floor or wall whitewares. Ceramic pigments are considered to be inorganic crystalline structures that develop a stable color. They have a high resistance with respect to light, environment, and high temperature chemicals. The broad horizon of their colors is quite large: green, blue, violet, yellow, black and brown. Synthetic approaches such as sol-gel technology, solution combustion method, polymeric precursor method, and so on are using cobalt-based pigments more recently.

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