Coat Proteins

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COPI - Coat Proteins
... Coat protein, or COPI, is an ADP ribosylation factor (ARF)-dependent adaptor protein involved in membrane traffic ... COPI consists of seven subunits which compose the heptameric protein complex ... function of adaptors is the selection of cargo proteins for their incorporation into nascent carriers ...
Potato Virus Y Transmission
... Upon entrance into the plant cell, the virus coat protein disassembles and releases its RNA genome ... Each polyprotein is then cleaved into ten different proteins which are believed to be multifunctional ... These proteins, along with host proteins, assemble to form a replication complex ...
Plant Virus - Structure
... The structure of a virus is given by its coat of proteins, which surround the viral genome ... Protein subunits can be placed around the circumference of a circle to form a disc ... In cases when there is only a single coat protein, the basic structure consists of 60 T subunits, where T is an integer ...

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