CLV may mean:

  • Campus Living Villages, a university student housing development company headquartered in Sydney, Australia
  • Cleveland Spiders (1887–1899), a former Major League Baseball team from Cleveland, Ohio
  • Concordia Language Villages, a world-language and culture education program
  • Constant linear velocity, a qualifier for the rated speed of an optical disc drive
  • Cramlington Learning Village, a high school in Cramlington, Northumberland, England
  • Crew Launch Vehicle, a human-crew launch vehicle being developed by NASA for future use
  • Customer lifetime value, the present value of future profit with customers
  • Campaign for Labour Victory, an organization of the British Labour Party in the late 1970s
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  • 155 (number), in Roman numerals

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Laserdisc - Design
... CAV was used less frequently than CLV, and reserved for special editions of feature films to highlight bonus material and special effects ... CLV Constant linear velocity or Extended Play discs do not have the "trick play" features of CAV, offering only simple playback on all but the high-end Laserdisc ... These high-end Laserdisc players could add features not normally available to CLV discs such as variable forward and reverse, and a VCR-like "pause" ...
Constant Linear Velocity - Constant Angular Acceleration
... Constant Angular Acceleration (CAA) is a variant of CLV that was used on the Laserdisc format ... The initial specification of CLV (as it applied to laserdisc) resulted in several playback artifacts to be present in the audio/video portion as well as compatibility problems with ... but still referred to their CAA-encoded product as CLV ...