Cloud Chief

Cloud Chief may refer to:

  • Cloud Chief - Wō'ē vĩ'hiǔ, a Southern Cheyenne chief.
  • "Cloud-Chief" - an intermezzo composed by J. Ernest Philie in 1910.
  • Cloud Chief - an unincorporated community in Washita County, Oklahoma.

Other articles related to "cloud, clouds, cloud chief":

Hong Meng - Zhuangzi
... This character name combines yun 雲 "cloud, clouds" and jiang 將 "military commander, general officer (Chinese chess) general corresponding to (chess) king" ... Balfour (1881127) Spirit of the Clouds, Mists-of-Chaos James Legge (1891300) Yün Kiang, Hung Mung Herbert Giles (1926129) Spirit of the Clouds, Vital Principle Burton Watson (1968120) Cloud Chief, Big Concealment ... Mair (199497) Cloud General, Vast Obscurity Wang Rongpei (1999163) General Cloud, Natural Energy Yun Jiang meets Hong Meng twice in three years, both times when wandering or traveling eastward ...
Xian (Taoism) - Textual References - Zhuangzi
... Chapter 11 has a parable about "Cloud Chief" (雲 將)  and "Big Concealment" (鴻濛) that uses the Shijing compound xianxian ("dance jump") Big Concealment said, "If you confuse the constant ... fault of men who 'govern'!" "Then what should I do?" said Cloud Chief ... you are too far gone! Up, up, stir yourself and be off!" Cloud Chief said, "Heavenly Master, it has been hard indeed for me to meet with you—I beg one word of instruction!" "Well, then—mind‑no ...

Famous quotes containing the words chief and/or cloud:

    God protect us from the efficient, go-getter businesswoman whose feminine instincts have been completely sterilized. Wherever women are functioning, whether in the home or in a job, they must remember that their chief function as women is a capacity for warm, understanding and charitable human relationships.
    Agnes E. Meyer (1887–1970)

    That which is given to see
    At any moment is the residue, shadowed
    In gold or emerging into the clear bluish haze
    Of uncertainty. We come back to ourselves
    Through the rubbish of cloud and tree-spattered pavement.
    These days stand like vapor under the trees.
    John Ashbery (b. 1927)