Closet Screenplay - Examples


Alphabetical by author last name.


  • The House, Man's Fate, Dedication Day (by James Agee)
  • Asakusa Park, The Life of a Stupid Man, Shadow, and Temptation (by Ryūnosuke Akutagawa)
  • Divine Comedy (by Haruhiko Arai, based on Kyojin Onishi's novel of the same name)
  • France America, or the Interrupted Film (by Robert Aron)
  • Eighteen Seconds, a screenplay, The Seashell and the Clergyman, Thirty Two, The Solar Plane, Two Nations on the Borders of Mongolia, The Master of Ballantrae (after the Robert Louis Stevenson novel of the same name), Flights, and The Butcher's Revolt (by Antonin Artaud)
  • Lost Children (by Marcel Aymé)


  • The Reader from Ames (by André Berge)
  • The Initiation (A Story of Adventure) (by François Berge)
  • The Second Departure (by Maurice Betz)
  • Le Dernier Empereur (by Jean-Richard Bloch)
  • Beautiful Weddings in the Street: A New Scenario on a Banal Theme (by Jacques Bonjean)
  • One Day, When I Was Lost: A Scenario Based on Alex Haley's The Autobiography of Malcolm X (by James Baldwin)
  • "Une Girafe" (by Luis Buñuel)
  • The Last Words of Dutch Schultz (by William S. Burroughs)


  • Secrets on the Island and Arletty, Young Woman from Dauphine (by Louis-Ferdinand Céline)
  • The End of the World, Filmed by the Angel of Notre Dame and Atlantis (by Blaise Cendrars)
  • A Broken Foot: A Documentary (by Hendrik Cramer)


  • "The Reefs of Love," Midnight at Noon: A Study of Marvelous Modernity, and "There Are Bugs in the Roast Pork" (by Robert Desnos)
  • Pierre, or The Demon Unmasked (by André Desson and André Harlaire)
  • Savoir Vivre (by Jean-Paul Dreyfus and Bernar Lahy-Hollebecque)


  • "Eyes Wide Open" ("Paupières mûres"), "Horizontal Bar," and "Mtasipoj" (by Benjamin Fondane)


  • News (by Paul Gilson)
  • Figures (by Ramon Gomez de la Serna)
  • Descent to the Lower Depths (by Maxim Gorky)


  • Slaughterhouses of the Night (by Maurice Henry)
  • The Girl in Harmagedon (by Kazumasa Hirai)
  • Ape and Essence (part II: "The Script") (by Aldous Huxley)


  • Negrophobia (by Darius James )


  • Lom Long (by Chart Korbjitti)


  • The Escape of Mr. McKinley (by Leonid Leonov)


  • "L'Amazon des cimetières" (by Georges Neveux)


  • The Birth of the Emperor/Record of Ancient Matters (by Hideo Osabe)


  • Donogoo-Tonka, or The Miracles of Science (by Jules Romains)
  • "La Huitème Jour de la semaine" and The Banker, or Fortune is Blind (by Georges Ribemont-Dessaignes)


  • Don't Put a Dog Outside: A Film without Words (by Claude Sernet)


  • Whispering Moon, (by Jun'ichirō Tanizaki)
  • The Unconquerable People, The Doctor and the Devils, Rebecca's Daughters, The Beach of Falesá, Twenty Years A-Growing, Suffer Little Children, The Shadowless Man, and Me and My Bike (by Dylan Thomas)


  • Reality Is What You Can Get Away With and The Walls Came Tumbling Down (by Robert Anton Wilson)

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