Clint may refer to:


  • Clint Bajada (born 1982), Maltese presenter
  • Clint Barmes (born 1979), baseball player for the Colorado Rockies
  • Clint Black (born 1962), American singer
  • Clint Boon (born 1959), Inspiral Carpets musician
  • Clint Bowyer (born 1979), NASCAR racecar driver
  • Clint Catalyst (born 1971), author, actor, model, and spoken word performer
  • Clint Daniels (born 1974), American singer
  • Clint Dempsey (born 1983), American soccer player
  • Clint Eastwood (born 1930), American actor and director
  • Clint Ford (born 1976), American voiceover artist and actor
  • Clint Hill (born 1932), former U.S. Secret Service member
  • Clint Hurdle (born 1957), manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates
  • Clint Malarchuk (born 1961), Canadian retired National Hockey League goalie
  • Clint Mansell (born 1963), English musician and composer
  • Edmund Thomas Clint (born 1976), Indian child prodigy
  • Alfred Clint
  • George Clint


  • Clint, California
  • Clint, Texas
  • Clint, North Yorkshire, a village in England


  • CLiNT, a UK comic edited by Mark Millar
  • Clint, a feature of Limestone pavements

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Famous quotes containing the word clint:

    Go ahead. Make my day.
    Joseph Stinson, screenwriter, and Clint Eastwood. Harry Callahan (Clint Eastwood)