Classical Theory

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Theta Divisor - Classical Theory
... Classical results of Bernhard Riemann describe Θ in another way, in the case that A is the Jacobian variety J of an algebraic curve (compact Riemann ... In more classical language, these D do not move in a linear system of divisors on C, in the sense that they do not dominate the polar divisor of a ...
Classical And Quantum Conductivity - Conductivity - Classical Conductivity
... Around 1900, Paul Drude developed the foundation for classical conduction ... This is important to the classical theory because it shows that according to Ohm’s law, since is proportional to, there is a steady state situation ... The entire "objective" of the classical theory is to explain resistivity in terms of the above-discussed properties of metals ...
Conformal Anomaly
... a quantum phenomenon that breaks the conformal symmetry of the classical theory ... A classically conformal theory is a theory which, when placed on a surface with arbitrary background metric, has an action that is invariant under rescalings of the background metric (Weyl ... A conformal quantum theory is one whose partition function is unchanged by rescaling the metric ...
Ives–Stilwell Experiment - Experiments With "canal Rays" - The Experiment of 1938
... Stilwell (although they referred to time dilation as following from the "theory of Lorentz and Larmor") undertook the task of performing the experiment and they came up with a very ... fixed with respect to the observer (“Classical Theory”), then the forward and rearward Doppler-shifted frequencies seen on a moving object will be f'/f = c/(c±v), where v is recession velocity ... relationships so that they relate to wavelengths rather than frequencies, “Classical Theory” predicts redshifted and blueshifted wavelength values of 1+v/c and 1-v/c ...
The General Theory Of Employment, Interest And Money - Summary - Book I: Introduction
... Chapter 1 The General Theory (only half a page long) consists simply of this radical claim "I have called this book the General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money, placing the emphasis on ... of such a title is to contrast the character of my arguments and conclusions with those of the classical theory of the subject, upon which I was brought up and ... I shall argue that the postulates of the classical theory are applicable to a special case only and not to the general case, the situation which it assumes being a ...

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    Don’t confuse hypothesis and theory. The former is a possible explanation; the latter, the correct one. The establishment of theory is the very purpose of science.
    Martin H. Fischer (1879–1962)

    Several classical sayings that one likes to repeat had quite a different meaning from the ones later times attributed to them.
    Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe (1749–1832)