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Tube Sound - Design Comparison - Class AB
... of modern commercial Hi-fi amplifier designs have until recently used Class AB topology (with more or less pure low-level Class A capability depending ... It should however be noted that Class D topology (which is vastly more efficient than Class B, and has garnered some respect from audiophiles) is more and more frequently applied where traditional ... Class AB push-pull topology is nearly universally used in tube amps for electric guitar applications that produce power of more than about 10 watts ...
Bipolar Transistor Biasing - Class B and AB Amplifiers - Signal Requirements
... Class B and AB amplifiers employ 2 active devices to cover the complete 360 deg of input signal flow ... Class B bias is when the collector current Ic with no signal is just conducting (about 1% of maximum possible value) ... Class AB bias is when the collector current Ic is about 1/4 of maximum possible value ...
Linear Amplifier - Amplifier Classes
... Their use in RF applications are listed briefly below Class A amplifiers are very inefficient, they can never have an efficiency better than 50% ... Class B can be 60 to 65% efficient ... Class AB1 is where the grid is more negatively biased than it is in class A ...
Electronic Amplifier - Power Amplifier Classes - Class D
... In the class-D amplifier the input signal is converted to a sequence of higher voltage output pulses ... form of modulation such as Delta-sigma modulation (for example, in the Analog Devices AD1990 class-D audio power amplifier) ... such as those used in pulse generators are examples of class-D amplifiers ...

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