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Andrew Johnson - Presidency 1865–1869 - Break With The Republicans: 1866
... Civil Rights Bill, which sought to grant citizenship to the freedmen ... His veto message objected to the measure because it conferred citizenship on the freedmen at a time when eleven out of thirty-six states were ... It was designed to put the key provisions of the Civil Rights Act into the Constitution, but it went further ...
Montenegrin Nationality Law - History - Kingdom of Yugoslavia and Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
... When Montenegro was a part of Yugoslavia, it had citizenship policies in common with the rest of the country ... Republic of Yugoslavia (SFRY) for its part passed a citizenship act in 1945, which stated that Yugoslav citizenship was held by people who were citizens under the 1928 act ... constituent republics, including the Socialist Republic of Montenegro, passed their own citizenship acts, which mirrored the federal acts and provided for acquisition of ...
Pakistani Nationality Law - Citizenship - Pakistani Citizenship Act 1951
... The Pakistan Citizenship Act 1951 (also known as “Pakistan Citizenship Act 1951 (II of 1951)) was enacted on the 13th of April, 1951 stating the purpose of it is "to make provision ... The Act has since then been amended (1952, 1972, 1973, 2000) and there are still some more amendments that might be added ... This Act referred to ways in which a person could gain Pakistani citizenship and how a person could lose or be denied their citizenship ...
Lost Canadians - Amended Citizenship Act Passage in 2008
... On May 29, 2007, Canadian Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Diane Finley announced her proposal to amend the Citizenship Act ... Under the proposal, anyone naturalized in Canada since 1947 would have citizenship even if they lost it under the 1947 Act ... country to a Canadian mother or father, in or out of wedlock, would have citizenship if they are the first generation born abroad ...
Immigration To Bhutan - Immigration Law and Policy
... Amnesty was given through the Citizenship Act of 1958 – Bhutan's first modern laws regarding immigration and citizenship – for all those who could prove their presence ... The Act was pronounced by the Druk Gyalpo King Jigme Dorji Wangchuck among a series of legal and social reforms in 1958 designed to begin modernizing Bhutan, including the abolition of slavery ... The 1958 Act defined Bhutanese citizenship in patrilineal terms, and provided a basic framework for the process of naturalization in Bhutan ...

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