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The Orange Peels - History - Circling The Sun, Touring and 2020 (2002–present)
... and New Years 2002-2003 to record most of Circling the Sun ... In 2005, Parasol Records released Circling the Sun and the band embarked on West Coast and Midwest tours ...
TPR Storytelling - Techniques - Circling
... Example of circling "Dave wants a Ferrari." Statement Teacher Class, Dave wants a Ferrari! Students Ooooh! "Yes" question Teacher Does Dave want a Ferrari? Students Yes ... "Circling" is the practice of asking a series of simple questions about a statement, all in the target language ... There are four basic types of circling questions "yes" questions, "no" questions, either/or questions, and "wh" questions such as what, where, when ...
Rotational–vibrational Coupling
... In pulling the circling masses closer to the center of rotation, the force exerted by the spring (a centripetal force) is doing work, converting stored strain energy in the spring into ... The force of the spring cannot pull the circling masses all the way to the center, for as the circling masses are moving closer to the center of rotation the force exerted by the spring gets weaker, and the velocity ...
Preliminary Design Of An Experimental World-Circling Spaceship
... The Preliminary Design of an Experimental World-Circling Spaceship was a 1946 proposal, by Project RAND, for a United States satellite program ... The Preliminary Design of an Experimental World-Circling Spaceship states, "A satellite vehicle with appropriate instrumentation can be expected to be one of ...
Hexic 2 - Gameplay - New Pieces and Features
... Emeralds are created by forming a row or line of 5 or more same-colored pieces or circling one piece by 6 pieces with all 6 having 1 color ... Lining up 5 or more Emeralds will result in a Starflower or circling one piece by 6 Emeralds ... Rubies are created by lining up 5 or more Starflowers in a row or circling one piece by 6 Starflowers ...

Famous quotes containing the word circling:

    The singular passion
    Abides its object and consumes desire
    In the circling shadow of its appetite.
    Allen Tate (1899–1979)

    We will not be put off the final goal
    We have it hidden in us to attain,
    Not though we have to seize the earth by the pole
    And, tired of aimless circling in one place,
    Steer straight off after something into space.
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)

    It has been proposed that the town should adopt for its coat of arms a field verdant, with the Concord circling nine times round.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)