Circle of Magic - Characters


  • Lady Sandrilene fa Toren – Also known as Sandry. A girl of noble descent with thread magic and the power to weave magic itself. She is of a noble family in Namorn, a country to the north of Emelan, though she does not consider her estates there to be 'home'. She is the daughter of Count Mattin fer Toren and Countess Amiliane fa Landreg. She is the great-niece of his Grace, Duke Vedris of Emelan and cousin of her Imperial Highness, Empress Berenene of the Namornese Empire.
  • Briar Moss – Formerly a street gang thief by the name of Roach. His power is with plants. He bears a scar on his palm from a briar's thorn growing under his uncontrolled power when he was younger, which is how he decided upon his new name when he was given a fresh start. He had two "X" tattoos put on his hands to show he had been caught twice stealing. From the Circle Opens quartet, his hands are tattooed with vine patterns that move and grow around on his skin to hide his "X" tattoos.
  • Trisana Chandler – Also known as Tris, and as 'Coppercurls' by Briar for her mass of red hair. A girl from a merchant family who has rare weather magic and some earth magic. Tris also possesses a sharp mind and a temper that can cause her to release weather accidentally, with devastating effects.
  • Daja Kisubo – Also known as Daj'. A former sea Trader with control over smithing, orphaned in a terrible accident at sea for which the Trader clan banished her.Another trader clan then returned her trader pride and allowed her back into trader ranks because she had saved their tribe. Daja can also control fire and heat, and has been known to weave fire and metal.
  • Dedicate Lark – Lark, who has thread magic, is Sandry's teacher at Winding Circle. She runs the cottage at Winding Circle known as Discipline. Lark is also considered a Great Mage at Winding Circle Temple, her magic being with thread and spinning. She is the four young mages' foster-mother when they are moved into Discipline.
  • Dedicate RosethornRosethorn, with plant magic, is Briar's teacher at Winding Circle. Rosethorn is also a Great Mage, and is tart-tongued. The four youngsters know very well to stay out of her way, but they also consider her a foster-mother.
  • Niklaren Goldeye – Also known as Niko. He is a great mage with Academic magic. His speciality is magic with vision. He is Tris's main instructor. He has been called the Greatest Vision mage of his day.
  • Dedicate Frostpine – A blacksmith mage who teaches Daja. His powers are unrivaled by any mage of his kind in the era, save Daja.
  • Dedicate Initiate Crane - A rival of Rosethorn who helps to clear the bluepox plague in Briar's Book. Briar stole his first shakken (miniature tree used for storing magic) from Dedicate Crane.

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