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Smoking In New Zealand - Consumption
... The number of cigarettes available for consumption, a statistical measure that reflects sales, has generally been decreasing since they peaked at 6.3 billion in 1977 but consumption has remained ... Over the last 30 years the number of cigarettes that have been available has dropped by 61.5% ...
Luigi Giuliano - War With The NCO
... themselves at an unloading of contraband cigarettes at Santa Lucia and demanded immediate payment of $400,000 to their organization, as well as insisting on ... to shoot and injure one of the Giuliano gang members unloading the cigarettes ...
Tobacco Politics - Litigation - Grounds of Claims
... Civil Rights Tobacco companies have marketed menthol cigarettes specific to African Americans groups have pursued civil rights remedies in court ... on the basis that they marketed "light cigarettes" as non-hazardous to health, a claim the plaintiffs initially believed, before contracting serious ... "Light cigarettes" are actually more hazardous to health than regular cigarettes — they contain less nicotine, so that the smokers tend smoke more of them ...
Lights (cigarette Type) - History - Cigarette Filter
... The 1950s gave birth to numerous scientific studies that proved the link between cigarettes and cancer (see Wynder and Graham, 1950 Doll and Hill, 1952, 1954 Hammond and Horn ... tobacco companies experimented with new modifications to the cigarette design ... By altering the cigarette design, tobacco companies hoped to create a "safer" cigarette that would better appeal to their increasingly health-conscious consumers ...

Famous quotes containing the word cigarettes:

    When the typewriter stops in a New York office everybody’s embarrassed; men start to quarrel or to make love to the stenographer or drop lighted cigarettes in the wastebasket.
    John Dos Passos (1896–1970)

    Mother, Father,
    so young, so hot, so jazzy,
    so like Zelda and Scott
    with drinks and cigarettes and turbans
    and designer slacks and frizzy permanents....
    Anne Sexton (1928–1974)