Chute may refer to:

  • Chute (gravity), a channel down which falling materials are guided
    • Mail chute, a chute for collecting and transporting mail within a building
    • Chute (landform), a steep-sided passage through which water flows rapidly; a new short channel that cuts across the neck of land separating the two ends of a river oxbow; formed when a high energy stream cuts a new short channel, called a chute.
  • Chute (in North America), a cattle race, a channel for handling and sorting farm animals
  • Squeeze chute, a cage for restraining a farm animal
  • Chute (racecourse), a projection extending from either end of an oval-shaped racecourse
  • Parachute, a device used to slow the motion of an object through an atmosphere by creating drag
  • Pilot chute, a small auxiliary parachute
  • Chaloner Chute (died 1659), Speaker of the House of Commons
  • Christopher G. Chute, American biomedical informatics researcher
  • Philip Chute, MP

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