Chromaticity Diagram

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CIE 1931 Color Space - The CIE xy Chromaticity Diagram and The CIE xyY Color Space
... However, the concept of color can be divided into two parts brightness and chromaticity ... In other words, the chromaticity of white and grey are the same while their brightness differs ... The chromaticity of a color was then specified by the two derived parameters x and y, two of the three normalized values which are functions of all three ...
Correlated Color Temperature - Background
... Referring to the Planckian locus on the r-g diagram, he defined the CCT as the average of the primary component temperatures (RGB CCTs), using trilinear coordinates ... was proportional to the distance of the colors on the chromaticity diagram ... Referring to the (r,g) chromaticity diagram depicted aside, he hypothesized that KΔE =

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