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Mythology In The Low Countries - Pre-Christian Traditions - Missionary Accounts
... Christianization of the Germanic peoples and Druidry After the influence of Christian missionaries, the original mythologies were lessened in power, and for the most ... as the hero who befriends and helps the Christian king Charlemagne in the forest ... The written biographies of the Christian missionaries to the Netherlands, sermonizing against pre-Christian beliefs, are coincidentally some of the earliest written accounts of the myths that existed in ...
Hui People - Islamic Sects - Relations With Other Religions
... Ma Bufang received audiences of Christian missionaries, who sometimes gave him the Gospel ... His son Ma Jiyuan received a silver cup from Christian missionaries ... read your religious works and I have found nothing inappropriate." "Muslims and Christians are brothers." ...
Roman Catholicism In China - Ming (1368–1644) and Qing (1644–1911) Dynasties
... missionary efforts around the world, particularly in Asia, Jesuit and other Roman Catholic missionaries attempted to enter China ... Christians who would not repent their conversion were sent to Muslim cities in Xinjiang, to be given as slaves to Muslim leaders and beys ... between Protestantism and Romanism, since the law was directed at Romanism, but after Protestant missionaries in 1835-6 gave Christian books to Chinese, the Daoguang Emperor ...
History Of Tuvalu - Christian Missionaries
... first came to Tuvalu in 1861 when Elekana, a Christian deacon from Manihiki in the Cook Islands became caught in a storm and drifted for 8 weeks before landing at Nukulaelae ...
Christianity And Paganism - Christianization During The European Middle Ages - Anglo-Saxon
... The Anglo-Saxon conversion was one of the most difficult for Christian missionaries because paganism was so entrenched into the culture ... Saxons were one of the last groups to be converted by Christian missionaries and it was mainly under the threat of death by Charlemagne and with some ... The conversion of Æthelberht, king of Kent is the first account of any Christian bretwalda conversion and is told by the Venerable Bede in his histories of the conversion of England ...

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    It was very agreeable, as well as independent, thus lying in the open air, and the fire kept our uncovered extremities warm enough. The Jesuit missionaries used to say, that, in their journeys with the Indians in Canada, they lay on a bed which had never been shaken up since creation, unless by earthquakes.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    Here we have bishops, priests, and deacons, a Censorship Board, vigilant librarians, confraternities and sodalities, Duce Maria, Legions of Mary, Knights of this Christian order and Knights of that one, all surrounding the sinner’s free will in an embattled circle.
    Sean O’Casey (1884–1964)