Chong may refer to:

  • Chong (surname), the romanization of several Chinese and Korean surnames
  • the Chong or Pear people of Thailand and Cambodia
    • the Chong language
  • the Chong or Limbu people of eastern Nepal, Bhutan, and northeastern India

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Li Chong (Tang Dynasty) - Attacks
... When Empress Dowager Wu heard of Li Chong's rebellion, she commissioned the general Qiu Shenji (丘神勣) to attack Li Chong ... Meanwhile, Li Chong gathered some 5,000 men and was preparing to attack Ji Prefecture ... took 1,700 men, initially intending to confront Li Chong, but then felt that he had insufficient strength, and so entered Wushui to defend it ...
Chong-Alay District
... Chong-Alay District (big Alay) (Kyrgyz Чоң Алай району Russian Чон-Алайский район) is a raion (district) of Osh Province in far south-western Kyrgyzstan ... The Chong-Alay District include 3 rural communities (ayıl ökmötü) Chong-Alay, Kashka-Suu, and Jekendi ...
Shelby Chong
... Shelby Chong, née Fiddis, (born 1 February 1948), is a comedian, American motion picture producer and actress ... She was the executive producer of 2003's Best Buds and associate producer of Cheech Chong's The Corsican Brothers (1984), Still Smokin' (1983), Things Are Tough ... Chong is the wife of actor and comedian Tommy Chong ...
List Of Hwa Chong Institution People
... The following is a list of notable staff and alumni from Hwa Chong Institution or their predecessor schools (The Chinese High School and Hwa Chong Junior College) in Singapore ...