Chiropractic Manipulation

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Chiropractic Controversy And Criticism - Efficacy
... But until the chiropractic profession cleans up its act, and its colleges uniformly graduate properly limited chiropractors who specialize in neuromusculoskeletal problems, you'll ... A 2008 review found that with the possible exception of back pain, chiropractic manipulation has not been shown to be effective for any medical condition ... and largely untested, and has been debated about whether to keep it in the chiropractic paradigm for decades ...
List Of Topics Characterized As Pseudoscience - Health and Medicine
... Chiropractic – alternative medicine practice focusing on spinal manipulation ... part responsible for the historical conflict between chiropractic and mainstream medicine ... indicate the possibility of moderate effectiveness for spinal manipulation in the management of nonspecific low back pain ...
Chiropractic Controversy And Criticism - Ethics and Claims
... and ethical standards of people in these different fields", chiropractic compared unfavorably with mainstream medicine ... When chiropractic was rated, it "rated dead last amongst healthcare professions" ... Chiropractic authors have placed these results in perspective in articles, with one writing that "we were the least trusted and least believed health care ...

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    When we say “science” we can either mean any manipulation of the inventive and organizing power of the human intellect: or we can mean such an extremely different thing as the religion of science the vulgarized derivative from this pure activity manipulated by a sort of priestcraft into a great religious and political weapon.
    Wyndham Lewis (1882–1957)