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Lutheran Church In Mošovce - Bells
... The tower's belfry hosts three church bells of various size ... In addition to their basic purpose, calling church-members for service, the bells fulfill yet another function by announcing the death of the town residents according to the following formula a period of tolling on a single bell followed by a pause - all repeated twice death of a woman a period of tolling on a single bell followed by a pause - all repeated three times death of a man these periods, called the pulsing are followed by the tolling of all three bells ...
Stanford Clock Tower
... collapsed in the 1906 earthquake, the university preserved the chimes in temporary structures near the church, where they continued to chime the hours ... (During the 1950s and 1960s the chimes were heard to strike 13 times at noon, possibly the result of a student prank.) In 1983 the clock and chimes were rehoused in the current clock tower ...
CHIMES Society
... CHIMES Society is an international academic collaboration whose objective is to establish new stroke treatments ... CHIMES is a Singaporean non-profit society founded by a group of key opinion leaders in stroke, Southeast Asia regional experts, and clinicians interested in implementing a research project on Traditional ...
Angel Chimes
... Angel chimes also known as angel-abra are a form of Christmas decoration popular in Europe and North America ... a rare 1920’s metal Christmas angel chime tree topper was auctioned online through Ebay ... Its box was labeled “electric chimes” ...

Famous quotes containing the word chimes:

    It was your severed image that grew sweeter,
    That floated, wing-stiff, focused in the sun
    Along uncertainty and gales of shame
    Blown out before I slept. Now you are one
    I dare not think alive: only a name
    That chimes occasionally, as a belief
    Long since embedded in the static past.
    Philip Larkin (1922–1986)