Chilean Ship Cochrane


Several ships of the Chilean Navy have been named Cochrane or Almirante Cochrane after Thomas Cochrane (1775–1860), commander of the Chilean Navy during that country's war of independence against Spain

  • Chilean battery ship Almirante Cochrane, lead ship of her class of battery ships, launched in 1874, and scrapped in 1933
  • ordered as Chilean battleship Almirante Cochrane, a dreadnought battleship laid down in Britain in 1913, but acquired unfinished by the Royal Navy in 1917, and converted to the carrier HMS Eagle
  • Chilean destroyer Cochrane, a Fletcher-class destroyer, the former USS Rooks (DD-804), commissioned into the Chilean Navy in 1962, and scrapped in 1983
  • Chilean destroyer Almirante Cochrane (1967), a County class destroyer, the former HMS Antrim (D18), acquired by the Chilean Navy in 1984, and decommissioned in 2006
  • Chilean frigate Almirante Cochrane (FF-05), a Type 23 Frigate, the former HMS Norfolk (F230), commissioned into the Chilean Navy in 2006
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