Chesapeake Bay Impact Crater

The Chesapeake Bay impact crater was formed by a bolide that impacted the eastern shore of North America about 35 million years ago, in the late Eocene epoch. It is one of the best-preserved "wet-target" or marine impact craters, and the largest known impact crater in the U.S. Continued slumping of sediments over the rubble of the crater has helped shape Chesapeake Bay.

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Chesapeake Bay Impact Crater - Effects On Local Rivers
... The continual slumping of the rubble within the crater has affected the flow of the rivers and shaped the Chesapeake Bay ... The impact crater created a long-lasting topographic depression, which helped predetermine the course of local rivers and the eventual location of Chesapeake Bay ... Most important for present-day inhabitants of the area, the impact disrupted aquifers ...

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