Cherry Red

Cherry Red is a London-based independent record label formed in 1978.

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Beau (guitarist)
... first time as a bonus track on the 2007 UK reissue of the original Beau disc (Cherry Red), and on the 2008 Japanese release of the same album (Airmail ... on the Angel Air label in 2009, followed in 2011 by the Cherry Red download albums The Way It Was and Creation Recreated ... Façades – was also released in 2012 on the Cherry Red label ...
Europeans (band) - Discography - Tracks Appear On
... Labels Unlimited - The Second Record Collection’’ (1979, Cherry Red, UK, LP, ARED 4) ’’Avon Calling’’ (1980, Heartbeat, UK, LP, HB 1) ’’Avon Calling ’’ (2005 ...
Cherry Red Artists - Reissue Label
... Stevie Moore Martin Newell Hazel O'Connor Red Lorry Yellow Lorry The Servants Sex Gang Children Spizzenergi Sweet Tears for Fears Television Personalities Toyah Weekend Pete Wingfield The ...
Lawrence Hayward - Discography - With Felt
... Crumbling the Antiseptic Beauty (Cherry Red, 1981) The Splendour of Fear (Cherry Red, 1984) The Strange Idols Pattern and Other Short Stories (Cherry Red, 1984) Ignite the Seven Cannons (Cherry Red, 1985) Let the ...
Ernesto Tomasini - Discography
... the Herdsman (album, 2010) Chew-z Last Night I Paid To Close My Eyes (single, 2011) Cherry Red/SFE Impermanence (album, 2011) Cherry Red/SFE Impermanence (single, 2012) Cherry Red/SFE ...

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    I think it was your cherry pies.
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