Cheng may refer to:

  • Cheng (surname), Chinese surname
  • Cheng County, in Gansu, China
  • Cheng (musical instrument), an ancient Chinese musical instrument
  • Cheng Township, in Malacca, Malaysia
  • Cheng Han, a common name for the Chinese state of Cheng (304-338 AD) and its successor, the state of Han

Other articles related to "cheng":

Liao Yu-cheng
... Liao Yu-cheng (traditional Chinese 廖于誠 simplified Chinese 廖于诚 pinyin Liào Yúchéng Wade–Giles Liao4 Yú2 Cheng2 born September 4, 1980 in Taoyuan, Taiwan) is a former Taiwanese professional ...
Lin Ming-cheng
... Lin Ming-cheng (Chinese 林明成 born on January 3, 1943) is a Taiwanese banker who is a member of the seventh generation of Lin family from Banciao, one of the ... He is the only son of Lin Hsiung-cheng and a grand son of Lin Erh-kang ... Lin Ming-cheng is serving as the chairman of Hua Nan Financial Holdings, and the director of Hua Nan Bank of China ...
Cheng Kai-Wen
... Cheng Kai-Wen (鄭 凱文, using "Cheng (ジェン?)" as his registration until 2010, born July 26, 1988) is a Taiwanese baseball pitcher ...
List Of CPBL Batting Champions - Champions
0.357 2002 Chen Chien-wei(陳健偉) Chinatrust Whales 0.334 2003 Peng Cheng-min(彭政閔) Brother Elephants 0.355 2004 Peng Cheng-min(彭政閔) Brother Elephants 0.376 2005 Peng Cheng-m ...