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Carla Chases
... Carla Chases (born (1984-02-17) February 17, 1984 (age 29) in Buckinghamshire, England, is an English actress, best known for playing anorexic model Melissa ... Chases has also appeared in stage and other television productions such as Spaghetti Arms, Scratch My Back, Fletcher Road, Truth in the Rumour, The Party, Nothing Personal and Jhoom Bhara Bara Jhoom ... Chases is also a skilled contemporary dancer and a mezzo-soprano singer ...
Advance And Be Mechanized - Plot
... Tom is back to work until he sees Jerry coming outside from his hole, he chases the mouse so that he can eat him as he enters the same machine Tom went ... Then, in a chase reminiscent to the Guided Mouse-Ille, Robot-Tom chases robot-Jerry, but robot-Jerry levitates himself into the air ... Robot-Tom continues his chase until he almost wrecked over some obstacles ...
His Mouse Friday - Plot
... Tom chases after the rodent and the pair end up in an uninhabited village ... Jerry tries to order Tom back into the pot, but the cat simply mocks him and chases him, only to stumble upon some genuine cannibals (although humans eating a cat or mouse would not in fact qualify as cannibalism) ... They chase after Tom ...
Chase (land)
... In the United Kingdom a chase is a type of common land used for hunting to which there are no specifically designated officers and laws, but there are reserved hunting ... Similarly, a Royal Chase is a type of Crown Estate by the same description, but where certain rights are reserved for a member of the British Royal Family ... Chases and Royal Chases are beneath the status of forests and Royal Forests respectively ...
Hare Do - Plot
... Later Elmer gives chase to Bugs and Bugs hitches a ride in a car not noticing Elmer is the driver ... Elmer chases Bugs to a different theater and is greeted by a message on screen requesting him to come to the box office ... Elmer then chases Bugs into the men's lounge, but Bugs rushes back out and replaces the sign with the sign from the ladies' lounge ...

Famous quotes containing the word chases:

    Sleep, nature’s rest, divine tranquillity,
    That brings peace to the mind and chases far
    All care; that soothes our breasts by daily toil
    Over-wearied, and prepares for labor new.
    Ovid (Publius Ovidius Naso)