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Following the release of "Through the Rain", Carey embarked on several US and international promotional tours in support of Charmbracelet and its accompanying singles. Promotion for "Through the Rain" began at the 2002 NRJ Awards, where Carey performed wearing a long black skirt and denim blazer. Three days before the album's US release, a one hour program titled Mariah Carey: Shining Through the Rain, in which Carey was interviewed and sang several songs from Charmbracelet and her back catalog, aired on MTV. Carey addressed rumors of her breakdown and its cause, and spoke about the album and its inspiration, and conducted a question and answer session with fans. During the first month after the album's release, Carey appeared on several television talk shows. She launched her promotional tour on Today, where she performed a four songs at Mall of America for a crowd of over 10,000. On December 2, Carey traveled to Brazil for South American promotion of Charmbracelet, appearing on the popular television program Fantástico. She sang "My All", and performed "Through the Rain" and "I Only Wanted" wearing a long pink gown. On December 3, 2002, Carey appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show, where she performed "Through the Rain" and "My Saving Grace", and gave a highly publicized interview about her hospitalization. Before her breakdown, Carey had been booked for a private interview with ABC's Barbara Walters, executive producer of The View, following Glitter's release. Instead of giving Walters the full-coverage interview following Carey's return to the public eye, Island decided Oprah was more appropriate, and changed the appearance. Carey's interview with Matt Lauer on Dateline NBC aired the same evening.

On December 17, Carey performed "I Only Wanted" on The View after guest co-hosting the program. One month later, Carey was one of the headlining performers at the 30th annual American Music Awards, held on January 13, 2003. She performed "Through the Rain" alongside a live gospel choir, and wore a long black evening gown. During the performance, images of newspaper headlines reporting Carey's breakdown were projected on a large curtain behind her, with one reading, "When you fall down, you get back up." Carey received a standing ovation. In mid-February, Carey was the headline performer at the NBA all-star game, which was Michael Jordan's last game. She wore a long, purple, skin-tight Washington Wizard's dress, and performed "Boy (I Need You)", "My Saving Grace" and "Hero", which received a standing ovation and brought Jordan to tears. On March 1, 2003, Carey performed at the Soul Train Music Awards, sporting a retro-curled hairstyle and wearing a burgundy evening gown. She performed "My Saving Grace", and as at the American Music Awards, images of newspaper headlines and inspirational photographs were projected onto a large screen. Following the performance, Carey was awarded a lifetime achievement award for her contribution to music. Towards the end of March, Charmbracelet was released in Europe and Carey appeared on several television programs to promotion the album. She performed the album's leading two singles on the British music chart show, Top of the Pops, and a similar set on The Graham Norton Show and Fame Academy. On the latter program, Carey was joined on stage by the show's finalists, who sang the climax on "Through the Rain" alongside her.

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