Charles III

Charles III may refer to:

  • Charles the Fat, Charles III of East Francia, (832–888)
  • Charles the Simple, Charles III of West Francia, (879–929)
  • Charles of Valois, duke Charles III of Anjou 1290–1325
  • Charles III of Alençon (1337–1375)
  • Charles III of Naples (died 1386)
  • Charles III of Navarre, "the Noble" (1361–1425)
  • Charles III, Duke of Bourbon (1490–1527)
  • Charles III, Duke of Savoy, "the Good" (1486–1553)
  • Charles III, Duke of Lorraine (1543–1608)
  • Charles VI, Holy Roman Emperor, also Charles III of Hungary and pretender to the throne of Spain as Charles III. (1685–1740)
  • Karl III Philip, Elector Palatine (1661–1742)
  • Charles Edward Stuart (1720–1788), also known as Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Young Pretender, styled himself "Charles III, King of England and Scotland"
  • Charles III of Spain (1716–1788)
  • Charles III John of Norway or Charles XIV John of Sweden (1763–1844)
  • Charles III, Duke of Parma (1823–1854)
  • Charles III, Prince of Monaco (1818–1889)
  • Charles I of Austria, also known as Charles III, King of Bohemia, (1887–1922)
  • Charles the 3rd is a boss character from the video game Viewtiful Joe
  • The possible future regnal name of Charles, Prince of Wales

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... was created in 1731 when Christian III of Palatinate-Zweibrücken-Birkenfeld inherited the Duchy of Zweibrücken ... considered a good Duke, especially in comparison to his nephew Charles III who succeeded him in 1775 ... Charles III began his reign as an absolutist ruler, and in the first two years he endeavoured to dismiss the court and restore the financial situation of ...
Second Stadtholderless Period - Heinsius and The War of Spanish Succession
... Pensionary since 1689, almost as long as William III had been king of England ... be resurrected after the last will and testament of king Charles II of Spain, leaving the Spanish Crown to Louis' grandson Philip after Carlos' childless death in 1700, threatened to upend the ... and a host of smaller German princes to support the claim to the Spanish throne of Charles III, as a means of preventing a union of the power of Spain and France, which ...
Charles III, Count Of Alençon
... Charles III of Alençon (1337 – 5 July 1375, Lyon) was the eldest son of Charles II of Alençon and Maria de la Cerda ... Preceded by Charles II Count of Alençon 1346–1361 Succeeded by Peter II Persondata Name Charles 03 Of Alencon Alternative names Short description Date of birth 1337 Place ...
Capture Of Gibraltar
... operations in support of the Austrian Habsburg candidate to the Spanish throne, the Archduke Charles, known to his supporters as Charles III of Spain ... Rooke, commander of the main Allied fleet, failed to take Barcelona in the name of 'Charles III' Rooke subsequently evaded pressure from his allies to make another attempt on Cádiz ... Three days later Prince George entered the town in the name of 'Charles III' ...
Capetian House Of Anjou - Titles - List of Monarchs - Kingdom of Naples
... Name Branch From Until Relationship with predecessor Charles I of Naples Anjou-Sicily 4 September 7 ... January 1285 the southern half of the Italian Peninsula was part ... Charles II of Naples (Charles the Lame) Anjou-Sicily 7 January 5 ... May 1309 son of Charles I of Naples ... Wise) Anjou-Naples 5 May 20 ... January 1343 son of Charles II of Naples ...

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