Characters and Races of The Dark Crystal

The Characters and Races of the Dark Crystal were created by puppeteer Jim Henson and concept artist Brian Froud for the 1982 cult fantasy film The Dark Crystal and its expanded universe in books, comics, artwork, games, and proposed sequel. Notably, most of the information about specific character and race names comes from supplementary material such as Froud's book The World of the Dark Crystal, rather than the film itself.

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Characters And Races Of The Dark Crystal - Minor Characters and Races - Other Lifeforms
... Despite its dark times, Thra seems to have a flourishing ecosystem ... Many other creatures are seen briefly, including plants which are able to fly flowers able to retract their petals thick tree-like stalks that expand and compress, giving the impression that they can breathe a gigantic predator that disguises its mouth as a hole in the ground and closes its mouth when prey enter, much in the same manner of a venus flytrap vine-like or grass-like creatures which are able to move rodent-like animals and birds with a large horn instead of a beak, among others ...

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