Character Set

  • (noun): An ordered list of characters that are used together in writing or printing.

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JIS X 0212 - History
... In 1990 the Japanese Standards Association (JSA) released a supplementary character set standard JIS X 0212-1990 Code of the Supplementary Japanese Graphic Character Set ... This standard was intended to supplement and extend the range of characters available in the main JIS X 0208 character set, and to address shortcomings in the coverage of that ...
Japanese Script Reform - History - Jōyō Kanji and The JIS
... The jōyō kanji list, consisting of 1945 characters, was published by the Japanese government in 1981 to serve as a replacement for the tōy ... Committee (JIS) also attempted to create a standardised kanji character set for use in computing and word processing, and to assign a unique character code to each kanji for ... This character set was, like the jōyō kanji, merely a subset of the thousands of documented kanji, and became known colloquially as the JIS kanji set ...
Comx-35 - Hardware - Technical Specifications
... Alternative 20 x 24, 40 x 12 and 20 x 12 Character set 128 Programmable characters, the default character set displayed only uppercase characters Character size 6x9 (PAL ...
CDC 3000 - Character Set
... systems for the CDC 3xxx typically used 6 bit characters, so the 64 character set did not contain lowercase letters ... The character set contained (in display code order). _ ! ' ? < > @ \ ^ Depending on the device, some characters are rendered differently, especially the lineprinter and some terminals character sometimes displays as ...
Big5 - Extensions - Official Extensions - HKSCS
... Hong Kong also adopted Big5 for character encoding ... However, Cantonese uses many archaic and some colloquial Chinese characters that were not available in the normal Big5 character set ... HKSCS includes all the characters from the common ETEN extension, plus some characters from Simplified Chinese, place names, people's names, and Cantonese phrases (including profanity) ...

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