Chaos Emeralds

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Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood - Plot
... the situation they are in, while also stopping the Master Emerald from being taken ... called the Marauders, and have stolen the Chaos Emeralds ... After her defeat, the team head to Angel Island to get the Master Emerald before the Marauders, but are shot down they confront the Nocturnus leader, the Grand Imperator Ix, who reveals ...
Sonic Adventure - Plot - Story
... ago, the echidna empire, ruled by Pachacamac, desires the Chaos Emeralds and the Master Emerald - mysterious emeralds with unlimited power ... Pachacamac's daughter Tikal befriends the Chao in the emeralds' shrine and their guardian Chaos, a water-based creature ... that attacking the shrine and killing the Chao to gain possession of the emeralds is not the way to peace, but Pachamac and his men do so anyway ...
Sonic X - Plot - Series 2 (Season 3)
... The new villain, known as Dark Oak, tries to get the Chaos Emeralds from Sonic, but Sonic scatters them across the galaxy to prevent Dark Oak from ... Once again, Sonic and his friends venture into space to retrieve the Chaos Emeralds ... many different planets, searching for the Chaos Emeralds and restoring life to almost barren planets ...
Sonic Unleashed - Plot
... to trap him using a powerful new ray weapon which drains the power of the Chaos Emeralds, causing them to turn gray and useless ... He then uses the Emeralds' energy to fire an enormous laser and unleash a powerful beast, Dark Gaia, from the center of the planet, which has devastating consequences, shattering the planet into seven pieces ... In addition, the ray and drained Chaos Emeralds have the unforeseen side-effect of transforming Sonic into a "Werehog" — a beast form with greater strength and abilities — at night ...
List Of Sonic The Hedgehog Series Vocal Songs - Common Features - Chaos Emeralds
... The Chaos Emeralds are, in most games, seven emeralds with mystical powers they are a recurring feature of Sonic games ... The emeralds can turn thoughts into power, warp time and space with a technique called Chaos Control, give energy to all living things and be used to ... The methods used to acquire the Emeralds and the end-results after collecting them differ between titles in the series ...

Famous quotes containing the words emeralds and/or chaos:

    The road to the City of Emeralds is paved with yellow brick.
    L. Frank Baum (1856–1919)

    She comes! She comes! The sable throne behold
    Of Night primaeval, and of Chaos old!
    Alexander Pope (1688–1744)