Chang Ming-Huang

Chang Ming-huang (simplified Chinese: 张铭煌; traditional Chinese: 張銘煌; pinyin: Zhāng Mínghuáng; born 7 August 1982 in Taichung) is a Taiwanese discus thrower and shot putter.

He has been focusing on shot put only since 2006. He trained in National College of Physical Education during his university study in Taiwan. He also has trained in China for a period. He has trained with Werner Goldmann in Berlin from June 2007 until 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.

He has been training with Donald Babbitt in Athens, GA, USA, since Feb 2010. His personal best shot-put throw is 20.58 metres, achieved in Aug 2011 in Athens, Georgia, USA. This is the national record in Taiwan. This performance has made him qualified for 2012 London Olympic Games (standard A).

On 3rd August 2012, Ming-Huang did 20.25 meters in qualification of Men's Shot-Put in London Olympic Games and became the 2nd Asian athlete got into the final in the history. Later in the evening, he threw 19.99 meters and was ranked 12th in the final.

Ming-Huang is sponsored by Chinese Taipei Track & Field Association (CTTFA) & Taiwan Sports Affairs Council and Adidas. CTTFA represents Ming-Huang Chang for all foreign affairs.

Ming-Huang is also employed by National Taiwan University of Physical Education and Sport as a throwing coach.

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