Championship Combination Ranking

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Manfred Reichegger - Selected Results
... with Dennis Brunod) 2003 1st, European Championship single race 1st, European Championship combination ranking 1st, Italian Cup team (together with Dennis Brunod) 2nd, European Championship ...
Catherine Mabillard - Selected Results - Ski Mountaineering
... Tour de Matterhorn (together with Sandra Zimmerli and Cristina Favre-Moretti) 2001 1st, European Championship team race (together with Sandra Zimmerli) 1st ...
Dennis Brunod - Selected Results - Ski Mountaineering
... team (together with Manfred Reichegger) 2nd, European Championship team race (together with Manfred Reichegger) 4th, European Championship combination ranking 6th, European Championship single ...
Florent Perrier - Selected Results
2004 1st, World Championship team race (together with Patrick Blanc) 1st, World Championship relay race (together with Stéphane Brosse, Cédric Tomio and Patrick Blanc ...
Florent Troillet - Selected Results
1st, Trophée des Gastlosen, together with Pierre-Marie Taramarcaz 1st, World Championship ("cadetts" and "juniors") 2nd, World Championship ("juniors") 10th, World Championship team ...

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