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  • Back Dimension Dimensian Soldiers (裏次元ディメンシアンの戦士, Urajigen Dimenshia no Senshi?) (23-24): The last three warriors of Dimensia, a realm destroyed by Vyram. The group composed of Ray (レイ, Rei?) (played by Yasuhiro Ishiwata, who previously played Bun/Blue Flash from Chōshinsei Flashman), his lover Kanna (カンナ, Kanna?)(Kanako Maeda, formerly Momoko/Pink Mask in Hikari Sentai Maskman), and the youthful Dan (ダン, Dan?) (Hideki Fujiwara, who went on to play Dan/Tricera Ranger in Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger), they chased Vyram to Earth with the Bird Garuda. While Ray and Kanna work with the Jetmen in their fight against Semimaru, Dan becomes romantically interested at Ako when they meet, causing him to express his feelings in a comical fashion. After Ray and Kanna are killed by Radiguet when he hijacks Jet Garuda, Dan assumes his fighting form and is mortally wounded taking the robot back from Radiguet. He dies soon after Ako expresses her feelings about him.
  • Back Dimension Berserker Soldiers (裏次元ベルセルクの戦士, Urajigen Beruseruku no Senshi?) (29): The two warriors from Berserk, a realm destroyed by Vyram force under Radiguet whose people can transmutate any item into weapons, though they can disard that very power to heal. Arriving to Earth, while Duran (デュラン, Dyuran?) is cared for by the Jetmen, Lou (ルー, ?) attempts to kill Radiguet. However, after Lu realizes the error of her ways and Duran is saved from the control of the monster Armor Snake, the two leave Earth to find a world they can find peace in.

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