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Dimensional War Party Vyram

The Dimensional War Party Vyram (次元戦団バイラム, Jigen Sendan Bairamu?) appears as a clan of outer-dimensional nobles, who conquered many worlds in the Back Dimension, and are now moving on to Front Dimension, ours. They boast about having achieved godhood, while they despise humans and see them as stupid and worthless. Their base of operations is the Vylock (バイロック, Bairokku?), a brain-shaped castle capable of traversing dimensions and sending its forces to Earth due to its Dimensional Transfer Machine. After their leader got lost in the Back Dimension, its four leading members compete in a game to defeat the Jetmen with the prize being full-leadership. Tran eventually becomes powerful enough to assume command, but is deposed by Radiguet, who leads Vyram up to its destruction.

  • Back Dimensional Count Radiguet (裏次元伯爵ラディゲ, Urajigen Hakushaku Radige?): A cold-hearted officer who is the nearest presence to a leader of Vyram, refusing to acknowledge anyone above and will do anything to accomplish his goals including being the one who kills the Jetmen. In battle, Radiguet wields the Demon Sword Bloody Gate (魔剣ブラディゲート, Maken Buradi Gēto?) and can transform into his true form, Radigan (ラディガン, Radigan?), when enraged. When Juuza returned to power, Radiguet attempts to kill her and ends being punished for his treachery by living as a human with no memory of his life in Vyram. Cared for by Saki, a girl on the verge of death, Radiguet unconsciously saves her life with his power. But though he wanted nothing to do with his past, Radiguet eventually regains his memories and helps the Jetmen in fighting Juuza. After killing Juuza to acquire Semimaru, Radiguet kills Saki to discard his humanity before nurturing Semimaru to assume its adult form though it was destroyed by the Great Icarus. Radiguet later attempt to bring the Majin under his control, managing to succeed with Ramon when he absorbed Gorg. When Tranza takes over the Vyram throne, Radiguet attempts to kill him off, only to be made an example of by the stronger opponent and forced into humbling himself before Tranza. Baring a terrible grudge against Tranza since then, Radiguet allied himself with Maria and Grey to summon the meteor used to create Meteor BEM to take out the Jetmen, enraged to find Tranza used his plan as a springboard from his own scheme. Attempting to sabotage Veronica, Radiguet is hooked up to have his life force sucked out. However, instead of having the life sucked out of him, Radiguet drains Veronica's power. Later, after using the Jetmen to do his dirty work, Radiquet tortures Tranza before breaking his mind and leaving him powerless, becoming Vyram's leader. Ultimately, the side effects of his power boost manifest in his newly gained giant form, the armored Raguem (ラゲム, Ragemu?) (48), (50-51). After killing Rie so Red Hawk could not have her, Radiguet battles him until the other Jetmen arrive. After the five Jetmen defeat him, Radiguet assumes his Raguem form which not even the Great Icarus is a match for until the Tetra Boy exposes the weak point Rie made. To counter their advantage over him, Raguem assimilates the Vylock into armor that he uses to overpower Tetra Boy. The Great Icarus separates and Ryu uses Jet Garuda to rip the armor off and the others destroy both Jet Garuda and Raguem. Radiguet says that he will continue to curse the Jetmen for eternity from the Back Dimension before he explodes.
  • Tran (トラン, Toran?) (1-36) / Emperor Tranza (帝王トランザ, Teiō Toranza?) (36-47): A psychokinetic child who suggested a game to settle who would be Vyram's new leader. He specialized into creating toy-ish monsters to satisfy his fun desires, and thought both enemy or ally fatalities as "just part of the fun". Being the youngest of the Vyram was a big complex to him until his failed attempt to take out the Jetmen during their retreat to the Yamada Ranch was the last straw. The constant anger became unbearable to the point of Tran using it energy to undergo a super-rapid growth. With his new-found power and maturity, Tranza easily defeats both his comrades and Jetmen for underestimating him before seizing leadership of Vyram. In addition to his psychokinetic powers, and new-found arrogant nature, he can now assume disguises and wields the Boltranza (ボルトランザ, Borutoranza?) rapier. After his Veronica scheme was ruined by Radiguet, after completing his new Bio Gun, Tranza heads out to hunt both him and Jetmen down. Fighting the entire Jetman team on his own, Tranza uses his Bio Gun to turn each Jetman member into a trophy portrait until only Ryu remained. However, with Radiguet aiding Red Hawk before betraying him, the Bio Gun is destroyed and the others are freed as they use Jet Bazooka on Tranza. Though he survives the attacks, Radiguet tortures Tranza before sparring him to live in misery in a catatonic state at a mental institution.
  • Maria (マリア, Maria?) (1-49): She was formerly known as Rie Aoi (藍リエ, Aoi Rie?), ranked Sky Forcer W3, a love interest of Ryu's who plays the piano. Though originally to be a Jetman, Vyram's attack on the Earth Ship resulted with Rei being sucked into space. However, Rie is saved by Radiguet, who brainwashed her to be devoid of her memories as a human and made an official of Vyram. However, though he loved her and tells her that she is his, Maria defies Radiguet to suit her own agenda to be leader of Vyram. She loves to battle, and her methods are cruel and cold. She is armed with the Necrod, which has sword, gun, and whip modes. The monsters created by her were often motivated by envy, and attacked mainly women. Since the Camera Jigen incident, unconsciously playing the piano, Maria develops a relationship with Grey. Since then, she played piano music for Grey despite not knowing why, untiæ her identity was found out and the relationship got difficult. Grey was willing to let her go if it made her happy. During the Majin incident, Maria momentarily reverted to Rie until Radiguet forced her back to her Vyram persona with a vendetta against Red Hawk. Eventually forfeiting their contest, Maria accepts Radiguet's proposal of ruling by his side in return of becoming even stronger than she is now. As a result, Maria is infected by a parasite born from Radiguet's blood that turns her into a vampiric being as she targets men, though unaware that she would transform into mindless puppet overtime. While fighting Ryu, Maria assumes her monstrous form as she battles Red Hawk before assuming Rie's appearance to catch him off guard as the parasite transfers itself to Ryu in order to have him take out the Jetmen. While Ryu manages to return to normal, Maria is in the final stage of her transformation as she defeats the other Jetmen before Ryu arrives and manages to reach Rie, causing Maria to remember her true self as she reverts to her true form. When Radiguet comes to reclaim her, Rie fakes her death in order to stab him in the back before he mortally wounds her so no one else can have her. Refusing to have Ryu save her, Rie asks him to forget all about her as Grey spirits her away to spend her final moments with the android's arms repeating Ryu's name. Her ghost later appeared in the finale, saying goodbye to Ryu after his marriage to Kaori.
  • Grey (グレイ, Gurei?) (1-50): A robot who ironically was always the most reasoning one in Vyram. He is armed with the Grey Cannon (グレイキャノン, Gurei Kyanon?), Mulshot Gun (マルショットガン, Marushotto Gan?), and Hand Greyzer (ハンドグレイザー, Hando Gureizā?). Despite being a robot, he showed human feelings, especially love for wine, music, cigarettes, and particularly Maria, learning to play the piano from example. As a result, Grey supports Maria in shielding her when fighting Jetman, seeing Gai Yuki as an ideal rival. Learning of Radiguet's plan for her, Grey attempts to talk Maria out of it to no avail. This forces Grey to ask the Jetmen to save Maria. However, he instead takes her dying body away as he takes her death hard. With nothing to live for other than his code as a soldier, Grey calls Gai out in a final match. Eventually, Grey is mortally damaged as Gai lit his one last cigarette as a sign of acknowledgment as a worthy rival before Grey shuts down.
  • Empress Juuza (女帝ジューザ, Jotei Jūza?) (17-18): The previous ruler of Vyram, referring to herself as the mother of all creation, Juuza along her underlings Radiguet, Grey, and Tran had conquered the Reverse dimension's worlds. While able to use telekinesis and breathe fire in her human form, Juuza can assume a Demon Beast form where she fires bullets from her fingers and shock-waves and beams from her mouth. Thought to be dead in the last battle in the back dimension, she actually went under a long sleep to regain her strength after acquiring the Semimaru and incubating it, and came to Earth via a meteorite. She makes her presence known by causing a momentary blackout across the city. By the time the Jetmen investigate, finding Radiguet as he was about to kill her while asleep, Juuza emerges and resumes control of Vyram. She then proceeds to turn every human in the city into a crystal pillar so she can feed Semimaru. The Jetmen nearly lose to her as Gai is affected by Juuza's spell. After banishing Radiguet for his treachery, Juuza resumes her attack as the Jetmen battle her before Gai succumbs to Juuza's spell. With some unexpected assistance from Radiguet, the Jetmen destroy her forehead crystal to free everyone she turned into crystal. Enraged that her face is scarred, Juuza assumes her Demon Beast form as the rest of Vyram and Black Condor join the fight against her as the Jetmen use the Fire Bazooka to defeat her. Near death, she is killed by Radiguet when he jabs his sword onto her throat just before Semimaru hatched.
  • Grinam Soldiers (グリナム兵, Gurinamu Hei?): The black-skinned grunts born from Grinam seeds. They are armed with axes and capable of launching explosive shells from their hands. The group were later summoned by Zaigan during Super Sentai World.

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