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Sensitive Security Information - Background: Legislative and Regulatory History
... rules, including FAA's SSI regulation to TSA as 49 CFR Part 1520 ... The DOT SSI regulation is at 49 CFR Part 15, and the TSA SSI regulation remains at 49 CFR Part 1520 ... federally regulated commercial aircraft.” Title 6 CFR Part 37 was published January 29, 2008, and requires a security plan and related vulnerability assessments that are defined as SSI and governed by 49 CFR ...
Compliance Requirements - Allowable Costs/Cost Principles (B)
... for State, Local, and Indian Tribal Governments” (2 CFR part 225) – This circular includes the 50 States of the United States and the District of ... OMB Circular A-21, “Cost Principles for Educational Institutions” (2 CFR part 220) - All institutions of higher education (e.g ... OMB Circular A-122, “Cost Principles for Non-Profit Organizations” (2 CFR part 230) - Non-profit organizations are subject to this circular, except those non-profit organizations listed in OMB ...
Skydiving Accident Investigation
... However, 14 CFR Part 105, "Parachute Operations" regulates when and where jumps may be made and designates the requirements for parachute equipment and packing ... For example, 14 CFR Part 105 (subpart C) requires the person packing either the main chute or the reserve parachute to be a certificated rigger, which means he or she has taken an FAA-approv. 14 CFR Part 105 is based on the assumption that any individual who chooses to skydive has assessed the dangers involved and assumes personal responsibility for his or her ...

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