Cervical Collar

A cervical collar (also neck brace) is an orthopedic medical device used to support a patient's neck and head. It is also used by emergency personnel for victims of traumatic head or neck injuries, and can be used to treat chronic medical conditions.

Whenever patients have a traumatic head or neck injury, they may have a cervical fracture. This makes them at high risk for spinal cord injury, which could be exacerbated by movement of the patient and could lead to paralysis or death. A common scenario for this injury would be a patient suspected of having whiplash due to a car accident. In order to prevent further injury, such patients may have a collar placed by medical professionals until X-rays can be taken to determine if a cervical spine fracture exists. The cervical collar only stabilizes the top seven vertebrae, C1 through C7. (Other immobilizing devices such as a Kendrick Extrication Device or a backboard can be used to stabilize the remainder of the spinal column.)

Cervical collars are also used therapeutically to help realign the spinal cord and relieve pain, although they are usually not worn for long periods of time. Another use of the cervical collar is for strains, sprains or whiplash. If pain is persistent, the collar might be required to remain attached to help in the healing process. A patient may also need a cervical collar, or may require a halo fixation device to support the neck during recovery after surgery such as cervical spinal fusion.

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