Cer or CER may refer to:

  • Cer (mountain), a mountain in Serbia
  • Cer (goddess), Greek goddess of violent death, one of the Greek primordial deities
  • Canonical Encoding Rules, a set of ASN.1 encoding rules for formatting data in binary
  • Centre for European Reform
  • Certified Emission Reduction
  • CER Computer, a series of early digital computers by Mihajlo Pupin Institute
  • CER Crossover Error Rate, the level at which the number of false rejections equals the false acceptances. It is used to measure the accuracy of a biometric system.
  • Cherbourg – Maupertus Airport, whose international airport code is CER
  • Chinese Eastern Railway
  • Classic Endurance Racing, a racing series for historic racing cars
  • Closer Economic Relations, a free trade agreement between Australia and New Zealand
  • Comparative Education Review, an education-related publication
  • Comparative-Effectiveness Research
  • Community of European Railway, European union of railway undertakings and infrastructure companies
  • Conditioned emotional response
  • Conference of European Rabbis
  • Control event rate, a statistical value in epidemiology
  • Commission for Energy Regulation, a Republic of Ireland energy regulator
  • Carbon dioxide Evolution Rate, the net carbon dioxide observed in the exhaust gas of fermentation process, usually expressed in mmol C02 per liter of broth per hour.
  • Cadet Evaluation Report, used in the U.S. Coast Guard

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