Center For Asymmetric Warfare - CAW Capabilities

CAW Capabilities

  • Training: Recognized subject matter experts develop and deliver a wide variety of student-based training courses, including the National Incident Command System (NIMS), the Incident Command System (ICS) and Defense Support of Civil Authorities (DSCA). The CAW also provides training in specific areas of the exercise design process, such as, identification of exercise requirements and development of the Exercise Master Scenario Events List (MSEL).
  • Exercise Design Facilitation of multiple and diverse response and support agencies with different operational characteristics and cultures to identify the procedural, physical and logistics needs for the successful execution of the exercise. This leads to the development of complex but realistic scenario-based challenges that meet the goals and objectives of the participating agencies.
  • Exercise Delivery Management of the exercise activities, including set up of the environment, conducting and controlling exercise activities preventing peripheral events from disrupting the exercise, and facilitating participating agencies' responses to the scenario events for capturing lessons learned and best practices.
  • Exercise Documentation The CAW is experienced in producing the full spectrum of exercise documentation including training, design, control, execution, instructional aides, and after action documents.
  • Resources Personnel, products, and/or locations that enhance the realism of the scenario and the learning experience, ranging from:
    • Simulated weapons and explosives
    • Large scale props such as ships, aircraft and buildings
    • Opposition forces
    • Simulated casualties
    • Contaminated victims
    • Video production to support the exercise scenario or capture and document exercise activities
    • Press/media representatives
    • Fast Patrol Craft, CAW-1

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