Cell Surface

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... MHC class I receptor activity • MHC class I protein binding • eukaryotic cell surface binding • cell adhesion molecule binding Cellular component • extracellular space • cytoplasm ... The receptor is expressed on immune cells where it binds to MHC class I molecules on antigen-presenting cells and transduces a negative signal that inhibits ...
Alpha Secretase
... domain') family, which are expressed on the surfaces of cells and anchored in the cell membrane ... of alpha-secretase activity have been observed in cells constitutive activity occurs mainly at the cell surface and is independent of regulatory ... Cell-surface cleavage by alpha secretase is very rapid after APP reaches the cell surface ...
S100A10 - Function
... transportation of proteins involved in mood regulation, nociception, and cell polarization ... It is found in cell types throughout the body though it is located predominantly in the lungs and kidneys ... membrane and can be expressed on the cell surface as a receptor ...
Sodium-chloride Symporter - Pathology - Gitelman’s Syndrome
... retained in the endoplasmic reticulum and cannot be trafficked to the cell surface ... loss of NCC function in which the cotransporter is trafficked to the cell surface but has an impaired insertion in the plasma membrane ... II mutations have normal kinetic properties but are present in lower amounts at the cell surface, resulting in a decreased uptake of sodium and chloride ...
Unicellular and Multicellular Organism Cell Signaling - Signaling Pathways
... a receptor is directly coupled to the cell's response to the ligand ... For example, the neurotransmitter GABA can activate a cell surface receptor that is part of an ion channel ... However, for many cell surface receptors, ligand-receptor interactions are not directly linked to the cell's response ...

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    A society which allows an abominable event to burgeon from its dungheap and grow on its surface is like a man who lets a fly crawl unheeded across his face or saliva dribble unstemmed from his mouth—either epileptic or dead.
    Jean Baudrillard (b. 1929)

    It is plain that there is no separate essence called courage, no cup or cell in the brain, no vessel in the heart containing drops or atoms that make or give this virtue; but it is the right or healthy state of every man, when he is free to do that which is constitutional to him to do.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)