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Shanzhai Products
... with the outstanding sale performance of "shanzhai" cell phones ... According to Gartner’s data, 1.15 billion cell phones were sold worldwide in 2007, and according to data provided by the Chinese government, 150 million "Shanzhai" cell ... In 2010 the Financial Times estimated that Shanzhai phones accounted for about 20 per cent of the global 2G mobile market ...
TDS Metrocom
... TDS Metrocom is TDS Telecom's local phone business, providing customers with phone, data, and Internet services in a five-state area in the midwestern ... Unlike Telecom, Metrocom used a deal brokered by Tommy Tomphson to allow for local phone service competition on AT T's lines in exchange for long distance plan ...
Cannon (TV series) - Props
... In an era decades before cell phone use, Cannon was using a "mobile phone" in his car, which was highly rare at the time ... Phones of this type were precursors to modern cell phones ... The phone prop itself, in his car, was a Motorola brand IMTS mobile phone ...
Getting Around Caller ID - Disabling
... ID on a call-by-call basis Albania #31# (cell phones) Argentina *31# (landlines) or *31* (most cell phone companies) Australia 1831 (landline and mobile phones) Denmark, Iceland *31* Germany On most landlines and ... Greece *31* (landlines), #31# (cell phones) ... Hong Kong 133 Israel *43 (landlines) or #31# (most cell phone companies) Italy *67# (landlines) or #31# (most cell phone companies) Japan 184 New Zealand 0197 (Telecom) or *67 (Vodafone) North ...
Gizmo5 - Mobile Phone Support
... The Gizmo5 mobile phone application used the phone's carrier voice network for all calls ... The service called the phone numbers of both parties and bridged the call ... On mobile phones that support SIP applications, calls may be placed over WiFi or 3G ...

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    In the U.S. for instance, the value of a homemaker’s productive work has been imputed mostly when she was maimed or killed and insurance companies and/or the courts had to calculate the amount to pay her family in damages. Even at that, the rates were mostly pink collar and the big number was attributed to the husband’s pain and suffering.
    Gloria Steinem (20th century)

    She that but little patience knew,
    From childhood on, had now so much
    A grey gull lost its fear and flew
    Down to her cell and there alit,
    And there endured her fingers’ touch
    And from her fingers ate its bit.
    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)

    If I play hard to get, soon the phone stops ringing altogether.
    Mason Cooley (b. 1927)