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... The pluriblast is a pluripotent population of cells in the early mammalian conceptus that is distinct from the trophoblast, and gives rise to the germ layers of the ... pluriblast and trophoblast arise from the totipotent cells of the early conceptus ... By definition, the pluriblast does not give rise to trophoblast cells during normal development, although it may retain this potential under experimental conditions ...
Cellular Differentiation - Mammalian Cell Types
... See also List of distinct cell types in the adult human body Three basic categories of cells make up the mammalian body germ cells, somatic cells ... Each of the approximately 100 trillion (1014) cells in an adult human has its own copy or copies of the genome except certain cell types, such as red ... Most cells are diploid they have two copies of each chromosome ...
Implantation (human Embryo) - Mechanism - Apposition - Location
... However, ultimately, the inner cell mass, inside the trophoblast layer, is aligned closest to the decidua ... same side of the blastocyst as the inner cell mass ... Rather, the inner cell mass rotates inside the trophoblast to align to the apposition ...
Chimera (genetics) - Mouse Chimeras - Underlying Biology
... parts of the mouse embryo retain the ability to give rise to a variety of cell lineages ... mainly the trophectoderm, the inner cell mass, and the primitive endoderm ... gives rise to different parts of the embryo the inner cell mass gives rise to the embryo proper, while the trophectoderm and primitive endoderm give ...
Leukemia Inhibitory Factor - Expression
... LIFR expressed throughout the inner cell mass ... As embryonic stem cells are derived from the inner cell mass at the blastocyst stage, removing them from the inner cell mass also removes their source of LIF ...

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    After the planet becomes theirs, many millions of years will have to pass before a beetle particularly loved by God, at the end of its calculations will find written on a sheet of paper in letters of fire that energy is equal to the mass multiplied by the square of the velocity of light. The new kings of the world will live tranquilly for a long time, confining themselves to devouring each other and being parasites among each other on a cottage industry scale.
    Primo Levi (1919–1987)

    There’s not one part of his physical being that’s like that of human beings. From his warped brain down to the tiniest argumentative cell of his huge carcass, he’s unearthly.
    —Willis Cooper. Rowland V. Lee. Wolf von Frankenstein (Basil Rathbone)