Cell Lines

Cell Lines

Cell culture is the complex process by which cells are grown under controlled conditions, generally outside of their natural environment. In practice, the term "cell culture" now refers to the culturing of cells derived from multi-cellular eukaryotes, especially animal cells. However, there are also cultures of plants, fungi and microbes, including viruses, bacteria and protists. The historical development and methods of cell culture are closely interrelated to those of tissue culture and organ culture.

Animal cell culture became a common laboratory technique in the mid-1900s, but the concept of maintaining live cell lines separated from their original tissue source was discovered in the 19th century.

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Mir-1 Micro RNA Precursor Family - Clinical Relevance of MiR-1
... Since the tumor results from undifferentiated cells, agents that promote differentiation hold promise as possible therapies ... and mir-133a were drastically reduced in tumourous cell lines whilst their targets were up-regulated ... into an embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma-derived cell line is cytostatic, which suggested a strong tumour-suppressive role for these microRNAs ...
... In mice, CCL6 is expressed in cells from neutrophil and macrophage lineages, and can be greatly induced under conditions suitable for myeloid cell ... of gene expression also occur in certain cell lines of myeloid origin (e.g ... the immature myeloid cell lines DA3 and 32D cl3, and the macrophage cell line P388D) that can also be greatly induced in culture with GM-CSF ...
Stanley Michael Gartler - Work
... inactivation randomly silences most of the genes on one of the two X chromosomes in every cell of the embryo ... and normal tissues are therefore composed of a nearly equal mixture of cells expressing the two different phenotypes ... However, if a tumor begins from a single cell, then all the cells of the tumor should express the same X-linked allele ...
Mir-92 Micro RNA Precursor Family - Gene Targets
... Profiling different breast cancer cell lines against non cancerous control cell lines demonstrated a significant inverse relationship between expression of ... Specifically, MCF-7 breast cancer cell lines transfected with anti-miR-92 showed an increase in ERĪ²1 whereas transfection with pre-miR-92 (an antibody against the precursor of miR-92) resulted ... action of restoring MUC16 expression in the same cell type ...
List of Cell Lines
... This list is incomplete you can help by expanding it Cell line Meaning Organism Origin tissue Morphology Link 293-T Human Kidney (embryonic) Derivative of HEK 293 ECACC Cell Lines Data ... Search for the many 3T3 cells in the CLDB ... Submandibular duct A431 Human Skin epithelium Squamous cell carcinoma ECACCCLDB A-549 Human Lungcarcinoma Epithelium DSMZECACC ALC Murine Bone marrow Stroma PubMed B16 Murine Melanoma ECCAC B35 ...

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